© Mulgas Adventures, Erldunda Roadhouse - the Centre of the Centre

Erldunda Roadhouse, the Centre of Centre!

200 kms South of Alice Spring at the junction of the Stuart and Lassetter Highways, is the famous Erldunda Roadhouse. It’s a remote but a well-known and very much loved rest stop.

Take a break

At Erldunda you’ll have the opportunity to purchase toiletries, refreshments and more. Enjoy their fantastic coffee, and take a look at the Emu enclosure, where you can actually feed the Emus!

© Mulgas Adventures, Erldunda EmuErldunda Accommodation

We only make a rest-stop at Erldunda during our Tours, however if you are travelling privately and would like to know about accommodation at Erldunda, see the Tourism Central Australia website for rooms and bookings information.

Alice Springs Accommodation

See our When in Alice page for information on accommodation in Alice Springs.