Uluru Cultural Centre

Also known as the Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park (UKTNP) Visitors Centre, this is your chance to familiarise with Anangu Culture, and gain an appreciation for the meaning of Uluru. Most tour companies will visit the Cultural Centre at the beginning of their Uluru experience, because of the idea that this gives visitors a valuable context for this significance and meaning.

Spending time in the Cultural Centre is an opportunity to learn about Tjukurpa, the system of tribal law interwoven with Creation Stories (elsewhere often referred to as Dreamtime Stories) of the local Indigenous people, the Anangu. For this reason, we are asked to respect this taking of new knowledge as an individual experience. That is why we cannot ‘guide’ you through the Cultural Centre, although you will most certainly see your guide quietly enjoying their own individual journey amongst others in the group.

Why do we go to the Cultural Centre?

Perhaps the most important reason we visit the Cultural Centre is, lunch! It’s a great refreshment and rest stop before we continue on to explore the rock up close.