The Difference Between Tours 3-Day and 4-day

Essentially, there is no difference between tours for the first 3 days! See our Itinerary.

4-Day Rock-to-Rock Tour

If you are traveling on the 4-day tour, instead of traveling back to Alice Springs in the afternoon of day 3, you will enjoy a 3rd night at our private bush camp. The next morning, you will have a later sleep and a cooked breakfast, and plenty of time to make your flight from Ayers Rock (Uluru) Airport. Or you can opt to return to Alice Springs free-of-charge!

This is a popular option for people who;

  1. want to experience bushcamp, and/or
  2. depart from Ayers Rock (Uluru) Airport early.

3-Day Rock Trip

If you are traveling on the 3-day tour, you can join us at either your accommodation in Alice Springs, or at Ayers Rock (Uluru) Airport. However, you must travel through to Alice Springs to finish the tour.

We can assist with transfers to help in this case, to find out please contact us.