What are Cookies and Plugins?

Well for starters, Cookies and Plugins are 2 completely different things, but for a website user they might be considered side-be-side.

One leaves crumbs and the other one makes things work!


We all know that cookies leave crumbs. Remember the fairy tales and how crumbs work? So cookies help computers find their way back to each other, or to remember where information is. Some can be intrusive and altogether naughty (we don’t dable, check our Privacy Policy). Unfortunately some are needed to see parts of most websites properly, or to function properly. We all know how frustrating that can be!


Plugins are extra pieces of functionality for a website, similar to how apps add functionality to an iPhone. Most website plugins are in the background, just like cookies. But some are very obvious. For example, our website contains plugins to forward webform queries and display FaceBook review feeds.

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