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Our Darwin Tours

We have suspended Tours between Alice Springs and Darwin. We think indefinitely, but you never know what the future holds.

Outback and Uluru Travel Resources Here

We wanted to provide a main area full of Uluru travel resources, to help people get started with planning their adventure.

  • Weather forecasts: Bureau of Meteorology
  • Travel Blogging: How to get started
  • Airport Transfers: Alice Springs and Ayers Rock (Uluru)
  • Transport Providers
  • Things to do in Alice Springs
  • Flying to Uluru from Australian cities
Recommended Transport Providers

Here are some options available to you for travelling to Central Australia;

Transfers between Airports

There are 2 airports in Central Australia, one in Alice Springs, and one at Uluru. We can assist with Transfers between Alice Springs and Ayers Rock Airport.

We hope all of our visitors will have an opportunity to visit the famous Central Australian city of Alice Springs.

Things To Do in Alice Springs

Alice Springs and the surrounding region offers a range of activities and experiences. Find our When in Alice page or check out;

Tourism Central Australia (events)

Welcome to Country (guide)

Travel Blogging

If you are interested in keeping a record of your travels, but you are not sure how to get started, how about check out these free blogging platforms:

  • Polarsteps – plan, track and relive your travels. Record your route automatically, keeping your phone in your pocket and eyes on the world.
  • WordPress – create a free website or blog with ease on WordPress.com. Dozens of free, customizable, mobile-ready designs and themes.
  • Blogspot – an American blog-publishing service that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries.
  • Wix – free professional blog sites. Choose a customizable designer-made template and add the features you need.

A travel blog is a great way to record and share your experiences, photos and stories etc. There are more ways to start a travel blog for free, just ask Google.

You can also check out blogs from our past passengers here.

I've booked, now what?

Contact-tracing Exposure Sites

Do you reside or have visited a listed exposure site? If yes, you need to self-isolate and tell us ASAP.

Border Closures / State Lockdowns

Will you travel through borders which have restrictions? If yes, we need to change your booking ASAP.

Bookings Changes

See our 'Covid-friendly' Policy on ticket changes due to lock-downs, border restrictions, isolations etc.



Be safe, check our links to LATEST State Government information that applies to you.

"the first 
on this Tour can be
getting on the bus to start...
but don't give up, it's worth it!"

- 3-times re-scheduled
passenger, Aug 2021


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