Have you ever seen Salt Lakes?

We see an expanse of Outback during the tours, with a range a landscapes including the breathtaking Lake Amadeus Salt Lakes.

the Central Australian Desert is a remarkable place to explore

Visiting the Lakes on Tour

You can see the lakes up close on both our 3-Day Rock Trip and our 4-Day Rock-to-Rock Tour.

During some seasons, we are lucky enough to get onto the salt lake, just like you see in the photographs. But it can be a dangerous place, so we can’t promise to go onto the lake. But we do take time at the Mt Conner lookout on the Curtin Springs Cattle Station, which is flanked by the vast salt lake system.

The horizon melts into swirls of heat as you try to glance to the other side

Lake Amadeus

Lake Amadeus is a large salt lake in the southwest corner of Northern Territory of Australia, about 50 kilometres (31 mi) north of Uluru. The smaller Lake Neale is adjacent to the northwest. It is part of (or a surface feature of) the Amadeus Basin that was filled with the erosion products of the Petermann Orogeny.

Lake Amadeus is 180 kilometres (110 mi) long and 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) wide, making it the largest salt lake in the Northern Territory.

Lake Amadeus contains up to 600 million tonnes of salt; however, harvesting it has not proved viable, owing to its remote location.

Ernest Giles ran into (some use the phrase “discovered”) this vast system of salt lakes in 1872, on his way to Uluru.

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