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Be prepared, get the most from your tour…

What is a swag?

A swag is a bedroll made of canvas with a mattress inside. You can put your sleeping bag inside and zip it up and have a perfect view of the stars.

Can I Start and Finish the Tour in Uluru?

Only on our Rock-to-Rock Tour you can start and finish in Uluru.

Our 3-Day Uluru Tour which can start in Uluru at around 1pm, will always end in Alice Springs.

Neither Tour can pick-up or drop-off at Alice Springs Airport.

How Much Water Do I Need?

Water is a critically important part of the tour. You will have a positive and memorable outback adventure ONLY if you follow advice about water intake.

Anyone can become quickly symptomatic of heat stress or dehydration

The challenge is, symptoms usually only start to be noticeable, after the issue has already become serious. This is a serious incident and will affect your entire group.

Prevention is the Best Cure!

So we avoid these serious issues by managing our water intake properly. More about Drinking Water on tour.

DID YOU KNOW: if you have just traveled by plane to Uluru, you are most likely already dehydrated from your hours on the plane, before you have joined the tour! This is because passengers in a plane travel in a dry environment, the air in an airplane is intentionally dry.

Do I Need a Sleeping Bag?

Yes, it is a health regulation requirement to have a sleep sheet or sleeping bag inside your swag. It will also keep you warmer at night.

How is a Sleeping Bag different from a Swag?

Good question, check out What is a Swag?

How cold does it get at night?

In winter temperatures can drop to 0ºC. In summer it is usually around 20ºC. Please check weather forecasts before the tour so you can bring appropriate clothing for the conditions.

How many people on the tour?

We have a maximum of 24 on a tour.

Our buses have either 21 or 24 seats, and all tours carry a trailer too!

Are there many flies out there?

In summer there can be many flies. It is advised that you purchase a fly net if you don’t like them.

If you need to purchase a fly net during the Tour, you can usually find these at various stores in Alice Springs, Yulara, Cultural Centre, Erldunda and Kings Creek Station.

Please speak to your guide if you need to purchase a fly net during the Tour, so we can make sure you’re looked after.

How much luggage can I bring?


If you are on the 3-Day Rock Trip, you should only bring a small backpack and store your large luggage in your hostel.

If you are on the 4-Day Rock-to-Rock Tour, we may pick you up from Ayers Rock (Uluru) Airport, in this case we understand that you will have suitcase.

Please keep this in mind, and plan ahead as best you can. The less you bring with you, the happier you will be!

How fit do I have to be?

Our Tours do not require you to be a gymnast or an acrobat. But camping is generally an outdoor physical activity, so be prepared to get physically involved, and maybe sometimes ie: keep moving with a task at the same time as you have a chat and a laugh.

The individual activities themselves are not particularly physically demanding, and passengers can choose for themselves what they want to do (ie: Camel Rides).

The most physical aspect of our Tours are the hikes.

How Fit do I need to be for the Hikes?

We plan to complete a decent hike each day during our Tours. Each location has options, which your guide is ready to recommend based on your fitness and energy levels on that day.

Day 1: Uluru

Iconic walks ranging up to 9.4kms around the full base. Shorter walks include ‘Kantju Gorge’ and ‘Mutitjulu Waterhole’.

Day 2: Kata Tjuta

Famous ‘Valley of the Winds’ walk through the domes, moderate difficulty depending on conditions. Quicker alternative is the ‘Walpa Gorge’ walk.

Day 3: Kings Canyon

Spectacular ‘Kings Canyon Rim Walk’, with relaxed options including ‘Kings Creek Walk’ and “South Wall Walk’.

You Guide is there to make sure you get the best from your Outback Adventure. Make sure you chat with them, ask about your options at each Hike location, they will enjoy describing different options, as well as helping you make your choice!

Your Outback Adventure of a Lifetime
© Mulgas Adventures, Drinking Water On TourTOUR CHECKLIST
  • Water Bottles (enough to carry 2L)
  • Hat (fits well for windy places)
  • Walking Shoes (properly fitting for walks on terrain)
  • Swimwear (for the summer)
  • Towel (works as a rug on the sand too)
  • Small Carry Bag (otherwise several more hands)
  • Toiletries (you decide, remember Less is More)
  • Sleeping Bag (required, can be hired)
  • Camera (some passengers ask their group to share theirs)
  • Insect Repellent (including Fly Nets)
  • Warm clothes (desert nights can get very cold)
  • Pillow (or improvise, like roll up a jumper)

Sleeping Bags can be hired for $20, just select this when you make your booking. This covers the cost for used sleeping bags to be professional cleaning after each tour.

Things you do not need on Tour
© Mulgas Adventures advice, too much Luggage on TourYOU DON’T NEED ALL THAT!

Whatever you bring with you on Tour, we will find space to store somewhere in our trailer amongst other bags, cooler boxes, bbq and camping equipment, gas bottles, chairs, tables etc.

If you bring it, it will come!

These items will all become great friends on the Tour also! As they will share the confined space of the dusty trailer over nearly 2,000km’s of bumpy Outback highways and roads. You can almost hear your favourite luggage crying out, “Please don’t take me on a Camping Tour!”

So if you can, please leave your larger travel luggage somewhere safe until after the tour is finished.

Please do not bring on Tour
  • Cold or Flu-like symptoms

    If you have an impression that you may be at risk of having contracted COVID-19, you need to contact us as soon as possible.

  • Large Luggage

    And anything else you do not need for your tour.

  • Fragile / Breakable items

    Items stored in the trailer do not travel first class. We cannot be responsible for breakages.

  • Opened Alcohol containers

    On the bus itself (you can bring drinks for camping). We ask that it be stored in a bag in the trailer during transit (for legal reasons), and only consumed at night as campgrounds each have their rules too.

  • An attitude that others will clean your mess etc

    This is a participation tour in which we work together as a group. To do is to experience. We believe that participation towards achieving a successful Tour, is what makes our Tours so authentic. This is Real Outback Camping!

Booking Confirmation

Do I need to confirm my booking?


We ask if possible, that you please do confirm your Tour booking the day before departure. This way, we can tell you any additional information about your Tour.

Flight Delays

What should I do if my flight is delayed?© Mulgas Adventures image of Ayers Rock (Uluru) Airport

If your flight is delayed by more than 30 minutes or so, please advise us by email or by our Australian freecall number:


1800 359 089

Dietary Requirements

© Mulgas Adventures, Dietary RequirementsDo you cater for special Dietary Requirements?

Special Meal Requests

Can I make special meal requests?

Our Tour Food

What food is available for Gluten-free, Vegetarian, and Vegan passengers?


We can cater for vegetarians, vegans, gluten free and lactose-intolerant passengers. Being a camping tour, the food that you are used to may not be available. See the menu.

We make sure there is plenty of flavoursome, wholesome food for everyone at meal times. That way you have plenty of energy for the tour activities. It really helps us to know if you have any tour food preferences or requests.

I've booked, now what?

Contact-tracing Exposure Sites

Do you reside or have visited a listed exposure site? If yes, you need to self-isolate and tell us ASAP.

Border Closures / State Lockdowns

Will you travel through borders which have restrictions? If yes, we need to change your booking ASAP.

Bookings Changes

See our 'Covid-friendly' Policy on ticket changes due to lock-downs, border restrictions, isolations etc.



Be safe, check our links to LATEST State Government information that applies to you.

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