The most amazing part of Outback Camping, is sleeping under the amazing southern stars. Take a swag, find your spot around the campfire, and enjoy every moment of this unforgettable experience.

Outback Camping, sleeping under the stars

There are a number of reasons why the stars in Outback Australia are so spectacular. There are no artificial sources of light, no towns or cities, anywhere around you. So all of those atmospheric particles like air and dust are not illuminated to spoil the view. And if you are from the northern hemisphere, you’ll soon find that we see our incredible galaxy, the Milky Way.

The Milky Way

The Milky Way is what makes this display so immensely special

You won’t find a light show anywhere on Earth quite like this! So vast and impressive is our Galaxy, the amazingly beautiful Milky Way.

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The Southern Cross

Of course most people have heard about that unique feature in the southern sky, the Southern Cross. So unique it is prominsent on the Australian Flag. Even from populated cities of Australia, this constellation can be clearly seen circling the sky as the night progresses. Be careful to watch out for the ‘other’ crosses though. There are a few groups of stars that might fool you. But find the real Southern Cross and you will be able to find ‘South’ without any compass!

Aboriginal Constellations

On Tour with your Mulgas guide, you’ll discover some amazing facts about Aboriginal Constellations of stars, and what they mean. Witness these for yourself, as you envision shapes not made from joining stars as dots, but from the black empty space between them.

Indigenous Australian have pondered the southern stars for 10’s of thousands of years. It’s this observation from generation after generation that gives us meaning that sparks the imagination in ways you have never felt before.

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