Should I Get Travel Insurance?

Mulgas Adventures has a solid track record over many years in operations. We deliver our Tours in harsh and remote areas, come rain hail or shine! We have contingency plans in place for every foreseeable disruption (from adverse weather conditions to mechanical breakdowns and even first aid incidents). But you can’t always predict the future, and that’s why we always recommend that our passengers consider Travel Insurance.

Travel Insurance, get covered!

Since COVID brought many changes and challenges to our industry, customers have needed to consider different factors at purchase. Mulgas responded to these challenges by updating its Terms of Service, and providing Covid-friendly terms for passengers. We understood that our passengers now focus on risk when purchasing an experience in Tourism.

But what if there’s a lockdown, will I lose my ticket money?

And that’s the real question. Of course the answer is completely up to you!

Even with Covid-friendly cancellation terms, Mulgas cannot remove every risk associated with Travel! Things happen – lost luggage, flight delays, illness, lost luggage, and unfortunately even pandemics.

The environment for travel has changed, and so the mindset of an adventure traveler researching their next experience has also had to adapt. Now more than ever, travel insurance makes a lot of sense.


How else can Mulgas Adventures Reassure Me?

Well we are glad you ask! Mulgas is in negotiations to allow customers the option to add extra protection at purchase, with Refund Protect. There is no set timeline for this just yet, but we expect the option to be available during the cart process very soon.


Covid-friendly Cancellation Terms

We are very proud of what we have achieved with our updated Terms, check them out here. We hope you’ll see we’ve taken the worry out of choosing your next adventure.

Our 3rd-Parties, Agents and Partners are positively promoting our efforts. Now is the time to book an Outback Adventure of a Lifetime with Mulgas Adventures!