What is a Passenger Blog Promotion?

Simple, it’s one way that Mulgas Adventures promotes itself. We GIVE AWAY $100 every month to our favourite blog writer, now that’s one cool Passenger Blog Promotion, right?!

Why does Mulgas Give Away Cash?

As a Tour business, we aim to give passengers fun, safe and memorable experiences. As a Web business, we must aim to achieve visitors to our website. Our sales flow is essentially a 2 step model:

  1. Visit our website and be amazed.
  2. Book a Tour and visit the Rock.

How Can I Enter To WiN $100?

If you have been on a Tour with Mulgas Adventures recently, and you want us to consider your travel blog for the monthly cash prize, just follow these 3 steps.

To Be Eligible

  1. Display the phrase/s “Uluru Tour” and/or “Uluru Tours” in your blog.
  2. Link these phrases to target “https://mulgasadventures.com.au/mulgas-adventures-uluru-tours/uluru-tour-preview/
  3. Email us and share, [email protected].

As a smaller operator, an effective way for us to achieve web traffic to our website, is through blogging activity.

The travel blogs we could see being published every week were fantastic! So we eventually decided to incentivise these.

It’s great bang for buck for us. There are a couple of easy rules for prize eligibility, this ensures we do benefit with Google search.

Now we leverage that passenger-satisfaction and we feed that back into the purchase-decision-making process.

Dan Satcliffe, Web & Marketing Manager

Can we help you?

We can assist you with understanding the rules, but we must be fair to other passengers, and also to readers of the blog. So apart from explaining these instructions for eligibility, and how Google Search helps our business, we are unable to assist further. Thank you for your understanding.