Participation on Tour

Our Outback Camping Tour to Uluru, Kata Tjuta and King’s Canyon, are designed to work the best it can for everyone’s experience, when the group participates. That’s why we refer to our Uluru Tours as participation tours. We know that your participation on tour is what makes it the genuine camping experience people are looking for, like the experience of collecting wood so that later you can all cook marshmallows on the fire together. Get your hands dirty, it’s fun!

many hands make light work

What to Expect

Of course, this will make more sense when you are on-board the bus. But we can give you some early hints to help you to know what to expect.

Accomplishing together

Working Together

Timings: behind the scenes your Guide is concerned with a couple of inflexible deadlines. When achieved, there is plentiful time for more activity, experience and rest. Always understand your Guide’s advice about;

  • time to wake up, and be ready in time for sunrise,
  • time to eat meals, or time to be back on the bus,
  • try not to keep the group waiting for their experince too.

Helping: your group has 1 Guide. You could watch them busy, while you wait hungry, or you can jump-in to help, and enjoy sooner. Have a chat or a singalong as you mingle and accomplish. It really is a part of the fun;

  • meals, food preparation, cooking and serving,
  • cleaning, after meals, after camp, and after yourself in general,
  • helping each other remember warnings, and to keep safe.

Rules: ok it might sound boring. But sometimes bad things happen when rules and laws are not followed properly. We need to keep you safe and happy, in unforgivingly harsh, and highly controlled areas;

  • water per person per hour, don’t just arrive with 1 small bottle,
  • hiking tracks through heritage areas, keeping away from cliffs,
  • respecting environment and culture, your new mates, and yourself.

Safe + Fun =

Outback Experience of a Lifetime