Is the Kings Canyon Rim Walk the best hike on Tour?

Many visitors will say yes! Check out our reviews and see what others have said about the incredible Kings Canyon Rim Walk.

Kings Canyon Rim Walk

Enjoy the many spectacular sights of Kings Canyon along the much loved Rim Walk with your Mulgas group. Of the several walk and hikes we do together during the Tour, this is arguably the most breathtaking!

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A 7-km clockwise circuit called the Kings Canyon Rim Walk, traces the cliff tops of the canyon and takes between 3 and 5 hours to complete.

Near the start of the walk, there is a steep climb which the locals call “Heartbreak Hill” or “Heart-attack Hill”. It takes you up to the cliff top, with spectacular views of the surrounding landscape and the gorge below. Afterwards hikers go through a maze of weathered sandstone domes, reminiscent of the Bungle Bungles in Western Australia.

Along the Rim Walk, hikers can detour to a beautiful rest area named the Garden of Eden, a permanent waterhole surrounded by lush plant life.

A prehistoric pocket of flora right in the middle of the desert

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The hike starts with about a 500-step climb to the top of the rim. This is the most energy you will need on the walk, and you are rewarded with spectacular and very distant views from the top. A real birds-eye view of the remote Australian Outback. Along the hike you will learn more about Kings Canyon (Watarrka) and the Geological History of Kings Canyon.

The Rim Walk can be achieved by people with an average fitness level, particularly if you are taking that first hill at a reasonable pace, perhaps even with short rest stops.

Extreme Temperatures require responsible planning for hikers. You need to be prepared with enough water to stay safe. Also see advice about flies and other insects.

Map of Hiking Trails at Kings Canyon

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