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There are some amazing images of Central Australia on our website. We have a large library of our own images and video shared by our Guides and Visitors over many years. Passengers often share their wonderful images, and kindly grant permission for for image use on our website and promotional materials.

DID YOU KNOW: it is forbidden for a commercial business to publish images of Uluru that show sacred areas.

Respecting Guidelines

Different areas have different guidelines for image use. As a commercial business and licensed tour operator, we are bound by guidelines in areas like the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park (UKTNP). The purpose of these guidelines is to make it much more simple for everyone to work within proper and respectful boundaries. So this keeps us aware of culturally sensitive sites and intellectual property that we might otherwise not understand.

DID YOU KNOW: all images on printed promotional materials (ie: our annual brochure) must be approved by the UKTNP Media Office before printing.

Image Licensing

We work with other photographers and stock photo licensees, for example and For website purposes we sometimes use royalty-free images.

DID YOU KNOW: some of our image licenses are annually renewed and some are for digital use only. There are a range of different conditions for permission, so be aware of using images that have been copied from this site.

Can I copy images from this website?


Mulgas Adventures as acquired all relevant permissions and licenses for all copyrighted images used on this website. For any individual image license verification, please contact us.

Copying images from this website may be in breach of copyright laws. To find out more, read about copyright or check our terms of service.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: please enjoy each and every moment you browse through our channels, including our website, FaceBook and Instagram pages. If you see something you really want to share, you don’t need to copy!

Can I share images from this website?

Sharing is Caring

It’s easy to share images. Look for share options when you see individual images or galleries on our site, or share the url of the page / gallery / social post where you see the image/s you wish to share.

DID YOU KNOW: You can find just about all of our images on our FaceBook and Instagram channels!

Sharing a beautiful image is a great way to get your friends together for a Tour, or convince your parents to buy you a ticket for your birthday (maybe even take a holiday themselves).

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Photo & Video Credits

* If you think someone else should be added here, please let us know.

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Permission for Media Use

If you share your images or video from Tour with us, you agree to give Mulgas permission to optimise, edit and otherwise prepare that media for its use. This may include addition of generic copyright meta information, branding, rich media overlays or other. That Media is then added to the Mulgas media library for general use. This may be promotional, online, digital or other. For more, see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Media Licensing Queries

If you have a query relating to any of the images you see on, please contact us.