Welcome to Ewing Lookout

This wonderful sand-dune vantage point close to our Yulara campsite (near Uluru), has spectacular views to both Uluru and Kata Tjuta at seemingly similar distances away. Ewing Lookout is a great place to visit in your own free time, and is ideal for viewing stars at night.


When do we visit Ewing Lookout?


Day-1 of Tour

Of all lookouts in Yulara, Ewing is slightly away from the town. This is an excellent lookout to watch the sunrise, sunset, or simply take in the landscape any time. Ewing Lookout is close to our Yulara campsite, which is our location for the 1st night of our Tour (both our 3-day and 4-day Tours).


A view you won’t forget!

After our Uluru Sunset with Bubbly Wine we go back to the campground for the evening. In between dinner, setting up your swag, and using the amenities, you might like to take the short walk to the top of the dune for a view you won’t forget. We sometimes spend time here at lunch on day 1, depending on how passenger arrival flights are running. Also we may have more time on the morning of day 4, depending on departure flights.

See You There!


Nice and close to camp