Water: A Commodity in the Desert

You might call it Liquid Gold

Perhaps you already know that water is important in the desert. But most people do not realise just how important, or just how much water you need to consume whilst on tour!

Keeping you safe is a responsibility we share with you

Please listen to all advice from your Guide, regarding drinking water and managing your experience in Extreme Temperatures.

How much water do I need to bring?

Actually, you don’t really need to carry water with you onto the tour as long as you have a large water bottle. We carry cold drinking water in our buses at all times, and there are opportunities to refill your water bottles at each camp, rest stop and before each hike.

You DO need a way to carry water, so we ask that you bring water bottles, enough to carry what you would need on a hike.

How much water do we need to carry on the hikes?

Unfortunately, your guide is unable to include you on hikes unless you have what you need to keep safe. This includes a hat, strong (comfortable) shoes, and enough water to consume 1 litre per hour!

1 litre of water per person per hour (advice provided by NT Health Service, and Parks Australia)

If we are walking a 3 hour hike such as the Kings Canyon Rim Walk, you will need to take enough water for 3 hours, this = 3 litres!