Are we allowed to drink Alcohol on Tour?

Our Tours are entirely about you, and your once-in-a-lifetime experience in Outback Central Australia. Of course, having a cold beer around the campfire is as Australian as Uluru itself. If we do the right thing, we will have the very best time together.

We are all required to comply with Northern Territory and Commonwealth Laws, with respect to consumption of alcohol. There are severe penalties for you, your Guide, and our Company, if we are not in compliance with the important laws.

Strict Guidelines relating to Consumption of Alcohol on Tour

Open containers of alcohol (including ie: unfinished bottles with the lid put back on the bottle) are NOT permitted in our buses by law, because you are traveling in a commercial passenger vehicle. So if you have an open bottle of alcohol, you can store that in our esky which is kept in the trailer.

By the Campfire is fine!

Different National Parks that we visit have different rules for alcohol consumption. To make this easier, we ask all passengers to drink alcoholic beverages only in designated areas and at particular times, for example, bubbly wine at Uluru Sunset viewing area. The typical time for social beverages is by the campfire in the evenings, and this of course is absolutely fine.


When you think about it, these guidelines are fair, and still leave us plenty of opportunity to enjoy a drink. Please only drink alcohol at our campgrounds, before/during/after dinner, and in your Personal or Free Time.

Can we buy alcohol during the tour?

It is possible to purchase some wines and beers from a modest selection at Curtin Springs (Day-1, Day-2 and Day-3), and also Kings Creek (Day-2, Day-3).

* Please note: prices of alcoholic beverages at these locations can be more expensive than if you plan ahead, and purchase before your tour from a store in a town or city, rather than a remote station.