The Great Aussie Road-trip

The perfect time for a little Bus Fun

We love to have fun on tour, so we enjoy fun games and activities on the bus. Call it Bus Fun! This helps the group to get to know each other’s names, and a little about each other.

How do we get to know each other on the bus?

Here are just a few examples.


You might find yourself sitting at the front of the bus, introducing yourself on a microphone, and discovering interesting things about the other members of your tour.


You might find yourself changing seats every 2 minutes until you have interviewed every other person on the bus, and discovered something about them to pass on to others.


If the guide finds a shoe, or perhaps a tube of sunscreen, or anything other lost item without an owner, you might find is has started to be passed around from passenger to passenger, as they each contribute a sentence or 2 to the horrifying story of how the object came to be free of its owner and is now on the run.


How much do you know about any part of the tour, or anything to do with Central Australia? You might find yourself telling us all!