A heart-warming Ode to Nicole

In June of 2019, a special passenger had a special experience and sent some especially special feedback, this wonderful poem titled An Ode to Nicole.

An Ode to Nicole

On tour with Nicole, you can’t be lazy
But it helps if you’re a wee bit crazy
You will be up before the sun is showing
Soon you will know, Nicole is amazing.

Long, long bus rides into the Outback desert
To see sites the Aboriginals hold sacred
Nicole sings along the boombox playing
Because you know, Nicole is amazing.

Feral cats and packs of dingoes
Near Nicole they do not go
Passing emus are sent quickly packing
Because they know, Nicole is amazing.

Camel burgers and kangaroo filets
Vegemite toast to start the day
All this Nicole will be cooking
But then you know, Nicole is amazing.

A time of joy, a time for tears
A time to conquer your fears
A time for the chi chis to be leaving
Everyone know, Nicole is amazing.