Aboriginal History of Uluru

Anangu have lived and managed this country for many millennia. Archaeological evidence shows that the Aboriginal History of Uluru in Central Australia dates back more than 30,000 years.

As we move around the base of Uluru we discover different areas which were used by Anangu for different purposes, such as the Kitchen Cave, Teaching Caves, hunting areas and more.

We also learn about the creation of the landscape surrounding Uluru, with evidence of battles between Ancestral beings still seen today in the rock itself. (see Tjukurpa Stories below)

What do we see on tour?

Our Tours provide opportunities to learn about and gain an appreciation for our Indigenous Heritage. We visit the Cultural Centre, offering a range of experiences to help each individual visitor understand Tjukurpa. During our walks at Uluru, your Mulgas Guide will enjoy pointing out and interpreting Aboriginal Cave Art dating back thousands of years!

Creation Stories – Tjukurpa Stories

These stories are shared by our accredited guides on each Tour:

Learn more about Tjukurpa, find what is Tjukuritja and discover how creation stories come to life on Tour.

More on Culture

To learn more please visit the Parks Australia, Uluru-Kata Tjuta website.